The Highlight Reel Preview: 15th July Edition

It’s that time of the week again for a look at what is coming up in our latest episode of the The Highlight Reel that broadcasts every Monday at 11PM on Sine FM, or you can catch it anytime over the week if you press this shiny red link! (Do it!)

But anyway, what’s in the show? Well I’m glad you asked, (well I asked under the guise of you, but anyway) in this week’s show, we’re taking a look at a prequel to one of the greatest animated movies of all-time: The Lilo & Stitch prequel. Just Joking! We’re of course taking a look at Monsters University. We cast our eyes (or should that be eye) upon the return of the second most famous green testicle on legs, Mike Wazowski (voiced by Billy Crystal) as he and his future friend Sulley (John Goodman) go to University and learn how to be “scarers” (and just in case you are wondering why Mike is the second most famous green testicle, the most famous is of course Hitler’s loose one, but I can neither confirm or deny as to whether his testicle does have legs or not, so I’ll err on the side of caution and say that it probably does).

But is it a good film? Well you will have to listen to the show to see what we think. However, I do apologise if i used one too many genitalia jokes in the last paragraph and I take them all back, I also promise that you will not hear any more penis jokes in the rest of this preview. So why not take a look at the trailer of Monsters University and see how this one eyed monster is doing (…I’m so sorry):

We also have a review for the new American TV drama: Ray Donovan. It stars Liev Schreiber as a “fixer” called Ray Donovan who battles to fix the problems of the rich and famous while struggling to fix his own. Take a look at the trailer below:

And finally, this week’s feature sees us taking a look at one of the strangest genres that has ever came to the screen, these films are what we have called ‘Nanny movies’. They are the films where famous tough guys look after little kids in films like: The Pacifier, The Tooth Fairy and Kindergarten Cop, and we ask the question, “who are these films actually made for?”

So for all that and more, tune in tonight at 11PM, or anytime over the week on Sine Fm, to have a listen to our show The Highlight Reel where we take a look at the weird and wonderful about film and TV today. So why not give us a listen? Go on! You know you want to!


The Highlight Reel Feature: Terrible Comic Book Movies from the 1990’s.

As you may know, I recently joined The Highlight Reel team (well, technically I made it a team, because before there was only one person doing it, but shh!) and because I’m new, we thought we would like to bring something else new to the blog too: Our own YouTube videos!

However as we were too scared to release moving pictures of our actual faces onto the internet for the sake of humanity, what we decided to do instead was to take the feature from this week’s episode of our radio show The Highlight Reel and put it on YouTube for you all to enjoy instead.

So we now present to you, cut straight from our latest episode of our radio show, our discussion about the terrible Comic Book Movies of the 1990’s. In it we take a look at some utterly awful movies like Batman & Robin, Steel and Tank Girl.

Enjoy! (…hopefully):

The Highlight Reel Preview: 8th July Edition

Hello guys! It is that time of the week again to have a quick preview of what is to come in this week’s episode of The Highlight Reel, airing Monday nights on Sine Fm. So what’s happening in this week’s episode? Well this is actually my first proper episode co-presenting with Chris and in it we will review the latest Magical Crime Thriller (talk about a niche market): Now You See Me, which stars a whole raft of stars such as Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman and everyone’s favourite Michael Cera impersonator: Jesse Eisenberg.

We are also having a look at the returning BBC drama Luther, starring Dj Driis (A.K.A. Idris Elba) as the troubled detective John Luther, and you’ll find a teaser trailer of this new season below:

And finally, if you have already seen Chris’ great article just below (go on give the page a little scroll down), you’ll know that this week’s main feature sees us taking a look at something so terrible, so utterly, utterly, terrible, that some of them almost managed to killed off a whole genre before the genre had even had a chance to start getting good. We’re taking a look at the disastrous times for Comic Book movies that was the 1990’s.

So for a quick fix of the latest film and television news, catch our show at 11pm on Sine Fm, Monday the 8th July, or anytime over the week. So go on give it a go, you won’t regret it! (However, you would regret it if you pressed this link – Ooooooh! The tempation!)

The Highlight Reel Preview: Big Updates!

Having sat here for a good five minutes trying to think up a decent apology for neglecting this blog so badly, I eventually decided that being nice and sincere isn’t for me, gave it up as a bad job and put my feet up with a Newcastle Brown on hand. Although, I hasten to stress, that’s not what I’ve been up to these last few weeks. No, I’ve been beavering away on The Highlight Reel, and have a couple of exciting big updates about the show, which will see a few changes to both show and blog. What might they be? Well, because I can’t be arsed to think up of some clever, interesting viral marketing ploy, I’ll just tell you now.

First things first, Monday’s edition of The Highlight Reel sees a very special bunch of guys making an appearance at Sine Towers – the lovely guys from Cookie’s Crumble productions are in the studio to talk about their upcoming project The Dinner, and what you can do to help make it happen. They’re a genuine bunch of guys and their interview makes for great listening, so do tune in over on at 11pm GMT to find out exactly why their incredibly ambitious project is worth getting behind. Also on the show, there’s the usual mix of news, reviews and your mum jokes that are an integral part of The Highlight Reel, so expect reviews of World War Z, This Is The End and Hannibal.

While fooling some actual human beings into sitting into a room with me is big enough news by itself, that’s not the only exciting update I have for you. On Monday’s show, I briefly introduce Matt, my young Padawan who, starting next week, will be joining me as my co-host. Yes, I’ve been indoctrinating him into the Sine Collective these past few weeks, which means an extra brain on the show and on the blog. The division of labour means I’ll have much more time to write my high-larious comedy gold pieces on here, as will he, and both the blog and the show will continue to get bigger and better. So, do keep a close eye on this blog for further updates, as we do our best to keep you informed about all the really important stuff that doesn’t actually affect your life in any conceivable way.

You can follow the lovely folk of Cookie’s Crumble on that Twittery thingy so please do and also spread the word and give them all/some of your money HERE:

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Cookie’s Crumble