The Highlight Reel Show Preview: 21st October Edition

It’s that time of the week again to preview what is happening on this week’s The Highlight Reel that airs on SineFm at 11PM Monday 21st October.

Yeah sorry guys, we kind of missed writing the preview before the airing of yesterday’s The Highlight Reel on SineFM. Whose fault is it? Well we’re taking the South Park creators approach and saying that there was a power outage (there wasn’t, we just forgot it was Monday, silly us).

Anyway, let us crack on shall we? In this week’s episode (that you can catch right here on SineFM) you’ll find our review of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, which we believe is the greatest show ever made by Marvel that has an apostrophe, the word ‘Agents’ and also an acronym which starts with the letter ‘S’ in the title. But who are we to judge.

We also take a look at Tom “Mr Hanky” Hanks (the South Park references keep on coming in this preview for some reason) fighting pirates in his new film Captain Phillips (spoilers: He has got a beard in this film).

And finally in this week’s feature we expose Matt to the wonders of Adventure Time, will he like it? Well you will have to listen to the show to find out, but trust us this week’s show is a good ‘un.


The Highlight Reel Preview: 7th October Edition

Well first an apology, this is my first post on this blog for a long time! While Chris has been pumping out posts quite regularly, I just took the lazy fool’s option of just not posting anything. I’ll be honest, I do not really have an excuse for not posting, it’s not as if I can blame being at work for not being able to make posts, because I don’t even have a job. I’m just lazy!

But anyway all that aside, I thought I’d make my return to this blog by giving y’all a quick preview of this week’s episode of The Highlight Reel that broadcasts on Sine FM tonight at one hour to midnight (a kooky way of saying 11PM, ain’t I so kooky? #Iamahipster).

So what have we got for you? Well apart from the usual mix of talk about TV and film. We have got a review of the freshly released film by the brothers of Warner, called Prisoners, starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. Speaking of whom, Gyllenhaal, is someone I actually like to call Gee-Gee Haal as it is an apt nickname that I created for him, simply because one of the films he’s most famous for contains him riding bareback on a horse, which he does in the extremely big gay flick…Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (What? What did you think I was referencing?) Anyway, what’s the film about? Well basically Wolverine and Jarhead are chasing a naughty bloke who has nicked a kid. Trailer below:


And our feature this week, sees us taking a look at the brilliant Breaking Bad, which as I’m sure you are aware BB (Breaking Bad, not Big Brother), is perhaps one of the greatest things ever created and unfortunately it ended last week. Therefore in this week’s feature we take a special retrospective look at the thing that made Bryan Cranston, or BryCra as I like to call him (yes I am trying to fit as many homemade nicknames into this preview as I can #Iamahipsterx2), one of the most famous bald(…ish) men on the planet. It’s a tribute to Breaking Bad if you will, so join us tonight at 11pm or anytime over the week on Sine FM for our weekly radio show The Highlight Reel.

…Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Scene.

Say “hello” to my little friend!

Hello everyone!

My name’s Matt and I welcome you one and all to my first ever entry on this fine blog that we call The Highlight Reel and with it, I am excited to announce that I am the newest member of The Highlight Reel team, as well as the new co-presenter of the weekly Highlight Reel radio show that broadcasts every Monday on Sine FmSo I’m blogging here today to just quickly introduce myself to you all and tell you all to (hopefully) look forward to my posts that I’ll be making on here in the not too distant future, where just like Chris, I’ll strive to bring you all that is weird and wonderful about film, TV and pop culture today.

So thanks for giving my little introductory post a quick peruse and I’ll be back with my first proper blog entry soon.                                      

Thanks guys.

P.S. Have a free smiley face on the house  –  @:-}

(P.P.S. Traditional smileys ain’t how we roll on this blog)

The Highlight Reel Preview: 13th May Edition

So this week’s episode of The Highlight Reel is safely recorded in a thankfully gremlin-free week, in which the studio computer mercifully decided to actually work for the full hour, so it’s another stacked show airing on Sine FM on Monday. Here is some stuff that I talk about and that:


  • I review one of the early Oscar front-runners, Mud.


  • I also look at one of the early Oscar not-front-runners, 21 And Over.


  • Not only that, but there’s a special look at the Judge Dredd fan film (which you can watch in its entirety below!) Judge Minty.


  • And, to top it all off, I’m celebrating the end of the football season (that’s soccer if you’re an American, but it’s played with feet and a ball so we like to call it football) with a special feature on the fall and fall of the football movie.

All that, plus the usual mix of news, chat and rock n roll, which this week includes Seasick Steve, Foals and Gogol Bordello. That’s Monday the 13th May, 11pm GMT – go on, give it a go!


NB. Just a small note to finish on, unfortunately I won’t be doing a ‘proper’ blog post this week as this annoying thing called my job is getting in the way, by which I mean my hours at the station have changed slightly. As I’m recording on Wednesdays now instead of Fridays I have to write the show in 4 days as opposed to having a whole week to do it, so that’s getting all my attention right now. Normal service should be resumed next week!

The Highlight Reel Preview: 6th May Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these! How things have changed since I last did. Well, not really. Apart from the infestation of gremlins lurking in the Sine FM studios, which kindly treated me to a power cut just as I finished recording the show. Cue a stream of swear words that would make Malcolm Tucker blush, until, mercifully, the file was recovered (Adobe Audition is my new favourite thing for doing so). Thankfully, I only had to re-record a small part, and not the entire hour which would no doubt have been an incoherent stream of anger, ending with several murders.


Anyway, on this week’s murder-free edition of The Highlight Reel:

  • There’s a look at the biggest blockbuster of the year so far, Iron Man 3.


  • There’s a review of the 124th biggest blockbuster of the year (probably) The Lords of Salem.


  • I also review Hannibal, with some fava beans and a nice chianti.


  • And, in the main feature of the show, I pick out some of the highlights of this years’ Sundance London film festival, and also some cows.

All that plus a roundup of news from the world of film and TV, with a rockin’ (I left the g out to convey how much it rocks) soundtrack of Nico Vega, The Cure, Blur and plenty more besides. Be sure to catch it on Sine FM, Monday at 11pm GMT, or at any time over the week on You know you almost definitely probably want to.