Batman & Robin: The Extended Apology

This is fantastic. While ostensibly a making of featurette, this video gathers all the members of the cast together to give some unusually frank views on what many consider to be one of the worst movies of all time. Batman & Robin seems even more hilarious these days following the Nolan trilogy, which were incredibly dark, and, you know, actually kind of good, so that makes watching the (obviously deeply ashamed) cast lay into their movie all the more satisfying.

Highlights include:

  • Chris O’Donnell stating they felt like they were “making a toy commercial”
  • In fact, any part with O’Donnell, who seems all too eager to completely bury the film
  • Val Kilmer smugly revealing a schedule conflict stopped him from reprising his role as Bats in the manner of someone who narrowly avoided being hit by a train
  • George Clooney openly stating he didn’t feel there was anything he could do with the role, that he didn’t think it would help his career and that he only wanted to be part of “a big event” (code for “a paycheck”)
  • Joel Schumacher’s directing style: “REMEMBER EVERYBODY, IT’S A CARTOON!”
  • A frank discussion of the infamous bat-nipples. “Anatomically erotic”, says Schumacher
  • George Clooney’s demands for a larger codpiece
  • Schumacher basically admitting he knew the film was so bad that he refused to make another one when the studio asked him to

and, best of all:

  • Schumacher¬†literally directly apologising to the audience for the film.

It’s absolutely worth a watch, and bear in mind, this was something made to promote the film. They spend half of the video effectively apologising for the way the movie turned out, and at no point does anyone say something that suggest they’re proud of what they did. See, there is some honesty still left in Hollywood.