The Highlight Reel Preview: 14th October Edition

You know what is happening in less than 3 hours time and is also available on the internet over at Sine FM for a whole week?…No? Well it’s this week’s weekly installment of the greatest radio show in the history of mankind (legal disclaimer: it may or may not be what I just said), which is of course our amazing radio show that deals with all the fresh news and reviews from the world of film and TV: The Highlight Reel.

And what have we got for ya this week (excuse the grammar)? To be honest, tons. This week’s show sees us taking a wee little peak at the new Great British rom-com flick: Le Week-End, starring the legend that is Jim Broadbent. Find the trailer below:

What we are also doing is taking a look at the brilliant Peaky Blinders (Review spoiler: We think it is brilliant) that started a couple of weeks back on the BBC, starring Sam Neill and the apparently new hot favourite to play Mr. Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey film: Cillian Murphy (the kinky bastard). Here have another trailer below, watch it naaoooow!!!!!:

And in this week’s feature we’re taking a look at the mecca of wrestling that is WWE Raw. A thing that I hate, but Chris loves. It’s all good, listen to it all now on Sine FM (well that is as long as your listening to it after 11pm that is, so they have time to put it on the catch up service).

So give it all a listen and until next week’s preview, peace out guys, peace out.


The Highlight Reel Preview: 7th October Edition

Well first an apology, this is my first post on this blog for a long time! While Chris has been pumping out posts quite regularly, I just took the lazy fool’s option of just not posting anything. I’ll be honest, I do not really have an excuse for not posting, it’s not as if I can blame being at work for not being able to make posts, because I don’t even have a job. I’m just lazy!

But anyway all that aside, I thought I’d make my return to this blog by giving y’all a quick preview of this week’s episode of The Highlight Reel that broadcasts on Sine FM tonight at one hour to midnight (a kooky way of saying 11PM, ain’t I so kooky? #Iamahipster).

So what have we got for you? Well apart from the usual mix of talk about TV and film. We have got a review of the freshly released film by the brothers of Warner, called Prisoners, starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. Speaking of whom, Gyllenhaal, is someone I actually like to call Gee-Gee Haal as it is an apt nickname that I created for him, simply because one of the films he’s most famous for contains him riding bareback on a horse, which he does in the extremely big gay flick…Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (What? What did you think I was referencing?) Anyway, what’s the film about? Well basically Wolverine and Jarhead are chasing a naughty bloke who has nicked a kid. Trailer below:


And our feature this week, sees us taking a look at the brilliant Breaking Bad, which as I’m sure you are aware BB (Breaking Bad, not Big Brother), is perhaps one of the greatest things ever created and unfortunately it ended last week. Therefore in this week’s feature we take a special retrospective look at the thing that made Bryan Cranston, or BryCra as I like to call him (yes I am trying to fit as many homemade nicknames into this preview as I can #Iamahipsterx2), one of the most famous bald(…ish) men on the planet. It’s a tribute to Breaking Bad if you will, so join us tonight at 11pm or anytime over the week on Sine FM for our weekly radio show The Highlight Reel.

…Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Scene.

The Highlight Reel Preview: Big Updates!

Having sat here for a good five minutes trying to think up a decent apology for neglecting this blog so badly, I eventually decided that being nice and sincere isn’t for me, gave it up as a bad job and put my feet up with a Newcastle Brown on hand. Although, I hasten to stress, that’s not what I’ve been up to these last few weeks. No, I’ve been beavering away on The Highlight Reel, and have a couple of exciting big updates about the show, which will see a few changes to both show and blog. What might they be? Well, because I can’t be arsed to think up of some clever, interesting viral marketing ploy, I’ll just tell you now.

First things first, Monday’s edition of The Highlight Reel sees a very special bunch of guys making an appearance at Sine Towers – the lovely guys from Cookie’s Crumble productions are in the studio to talk about their upcoming project The Dinner, and what you can do to help make it happen. They’re a genuine bunch of guys and their interview makes for great listening, so do tune in over on at 11pm GMT to find out exactly why their incredibly ambitious project is worth getting behind. Also on the show, there’s the usual mix of news, reviews and your mum jokes that are an integral part of The Highlight Reel, so expect reviews of World War Z, This Is The End and Hannibal.

While fooling some actual human beings into sitting into a room with me is big enough news by itself, that’s not the only exciting update I have for you. On Monday’s show, I briefly introduce Matt, my young Padawan who, starting next week, will be joining me as my co-host. Yes, I’ve been indoctrinating him into the Sine Collective these past few weeks, which means an extra brain on the show and on the blog. The division of labour means I’ll have much more time to write my high-larious comedy gold pieces on here, as will he, and both the blog and the show will continue to get bigger and better. So, do keep a close eye on this blog for further updates, as we do our best to keep you informed about all the really important stuff that doesn’t actually affect your life in any conceivable way.

You can follow the lovely folk of Cookie’s Crumble on that Twittery thingy so please do and also spread the word and give them all/some of your money HERE:

Jade Hamilton

Jess Pagan

Cookie’s Crumble

Bells, Banners & Belligerence; On Trying to Speak Out

Not the kind of thing I usually post but trying to spread the word as far as possible. Disgraceful stuff from the FA. No wonder the soul is leaving football.

popular STAND

Doncaster Belles Banner Confiscated by the FAThat banner in the picture there. I made that. I bought the paints and brushes on Tuesday lunchtime. I painted it (and much of our living room table too) late on Wednesday night. On Thursday I took it to the UEFA Women’s Champions League Final. On Friday I posted it to a group of Belles fans who were planning to attend the FA Women’s Cup Final at Doncaster’s Keepmoat Stadium. On Saturday it reached them up in Doncaster. And on Sunday it was carted off by officials acting on behalf of the Football Association.

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