Scared of the dark? If so, maybe watching the film above isn’t for you. A stunning example of minimalist horror, Click is a short film about a bunch of kids, an abandoned factory and a light switch. The less is more approach of writer/director William Prince lends the film a sickening sense of unease, with the only horror on show being the darkness… or is it?


Click is a finalist in the Popcorn Horror – Blood Games competition, and you can view the rest of the films HERE. Unless you’re scared?


The Pacific Rim Trailer Will Make You Squeal


Hooooolyyyy… so, where do I start with this one? I needed a sit down and a cigarette after watching it, and I don’t even smoke. Yep, it’s the new Pacific Rim trailer, and Guillermo Del Toro’s latest is looking, quite frankly, breathtaking.


GDT has come a long, long way from his roots, telling creepy, atmospheric ghost stories in Mexico. This trailer positions Pacific Rim as THE blockbuster to check out this summer, above all else. Do I need to explain why? Just in case you haven’t watched the trailer (in which case, WHY HAVEN’T YOU WATCHED THE TRAILER?), it’s giant robots fighting giant Cthulhoid creatures from the ocean. After that, there’s really not much to say on this trailer, but what more needs to be said? It doesn’t really show you anything, apart from a few dimly-lit glimpses here and there, but it teases you with just enough to let you know what you’re in store for. That’s the genius of it. It’s as perfect a trailer as you could wish to see. It’s a triumph of show, don’t tell. You see the world in ruins. You see giant monsters. You see robots fighting the giant monsters. There’s the plot. There’s the action. What more could you want?


What’s that? You want to see the robots using giant oil tankers as weapons? Well, for those of you with that horrifyingly specific niche interest… just watch the trailer.


I need to sit down again.

Brand new Monsters University trailer: your sides should be terrified

So, the brand new Monsters University trailer is out, and it shows us there’s plenty to be excited about with Pixar’s latest. Not least, the reveal of Nathan Fillion as a jock, but  more importantly (while it’s hard to fully tell from a trailer) it looks like Pixar’s knack for creating hilarious visual gags with impeccable comic timing is as strong as ever. Even though it’s a prequel, it looks very different to anything Pixar has ever done, using youth and frat house movie parodies to great effect. If it works half as well as Pixar’s ribbing of prison breakout movie conventions did in Toy Story 3, we’re in for a treat.

Trailer Roundup

So, on the latest edition of The Highlight Reel (whoa there, it doesn’t actually broadcast until Monday on SineFM!) I talk about a couple of the new trailers that have been released recently. Here, I’ll show you what’s got me so excited about them, as well as a couple of other ones as well. Just because I’m nice that way.


The first trailer to find its way into my good books is for The Hangover Part III. Now, I was not hyped for this movie in any way, shape or form. The Hangover Part II was one of the laziest sequels in recent memory in that it didn’t just cash in on the inspired success of the first movie, it just ripped the entire plot from it and pretended it was a sequel. No, what you’ve done there, guys, is use the Ctrl+F command to find-replace some key words from the first script, and made the same movie again. The thought of doing that again sounded as much fun as counting rice. Despite all that, this trailer did a lot to win me round. For one, it actually looks different, so the talented cast aren’t shackled by deja vu and are free to, you know, be funny. They appear to have enough faith in the characters to make the movie about them, without reverting back to the same old memory-loss formula, although you never know what the final cut will bring so while I’m not eating humble pie just yet, I can smell it in the oven. While it doesn’t look as inspired as the first Hangover, it certainly looks like a worthwhile knockabout caper that will hopefully live up to everything the trailer promises. Yes, even the giraffe mutilation.



What looks like a far more interesting proposition is Now You See Me, a magical (pun very intended, as always) crime thriller from Transporter director Louis Leterrier about a troupe of magicians who use their skills to stage a variety of bank heists. While the silver screen has trouble capturing the magic of, er, magic – the tricks are less impressive when you know they’re being achieved through editing and CGI – the film does boast an incredible cast to make up for that rather obvious failing. Jesse Eisenberg (who looks like some actor ever since The Social Network pulled him out of his socially-awkward-but-lovable geek typecasting), Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Morgan Freeman and Michael Freakin’ Caine all look on top form in this slick, sexy looking trailer. If this one lives up to its potential, one of the sleeper hits of the year could be right around the corner.



The next impressive trailer presents something of a quandary. Steve Carell and Sam Rockwell are routinely the best parts of any film that they’re in. So who’s the best when they’re both in a film together? One way to find out is to look at The Way, Way Back, a heartwarming coming-of-age romantic drama which, at first glance, looks set to be yet another navel-gazing, shuffling-and-awkward-guy-meets-hot-bubbly-girl type affair but which actually provides some genuine laughs. It revolves around an under-confident teenager who strikes up a friendship with the staff at a water park, and begins to use his new attitude to attract the fairer sex. Of course, time will tell if the film relies too heavily on the saccharine notes and not heavily enough on genuine emotion and laughs, and you can already tell how it ends just from watching the trailer, but the impressive cast and Oscar-winning screenwriting team which includes Jim Rash (surely that should be Deanwriting team?) certainly bode well.



That just about does it for this trailer roundup. However, we might as well leave on a high note, and it doesn’t look like there’ll be too many higher notes this year than Elysium, Neill Blomkamp’s post-apocalyptic sci-fi about a not-too-distant future where the upper classes live on a utopia known as Elysium, while the rest of us proles are forced to scavenge to survive on an overpopulated, barren Earth. There are no words than can adequately do justice to this trailer, so I’ll just instruct you to watch it and make your own mind up (you’ll think it’s awesome, though). Set for an August release, this film looks to combine a whole host of gorgeous sci-fi themes into one glorious whole. Why yes, I did say the same thing about Prometheus. What’s your point?


Pain And Gain Red Band Trailer


Here’s a little challenge for you: try and name a more Michael Bay trailer than this one. Struggling? No wonder. It’s probably because you can’t. Let’s look at the checklist;

  • Explosions
  • Copious amounts of slow motion
  • Gross out humour
  • Dick jokes
  • Shall we say, an appreciation of the female form
  • The Rock being so scarily huge that beast mode seems somehow inadequate to describe him. It’s safer to say that the beasts go Rock mode, I think
  • A carefully chosen rap song for the soundtrack

It has everything you could want from Michael Bay, all squeezed into 3 minutes of pure filth. All in all, this movie looks like a blast. Assuming Michael Bay can control himself and limit it to 90 minutes in length instead of padding it out with endless comic relief, this knockabout black comedy actioner about a gang of steroid-addled meatheads who plot to kidnap a wealthy businessman (based on a scarcely-believable but true story) could be one of the surprise hits of the year. The story it’s based on is incredible and definitely worth reading, Mark Wahlberg and The Rock seem perfect for their roles, and while Michael Bay often comes in for (justified) criticism about his directorial style, this is one instance where the subject matter seems to fit him perfectly. It’s released in the States on April 26th, and in the UK on April 3rd, so keep a look out for more on this in the not too distant future.