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The Highlight Reel Preview: 14th October Edition

You know what is happening in less than 3 hours time and is also available on the internet over at Sine FM for a whole week?…No? Well it’s this week’s weekly installment of the greatest radio show in the history of mankind (legal disclaimer: it may or may not be what I just said), which is of course our amazing radio show that deals with all the fresh news and reviews from the world of film and TV: The Highlight Reel.

And what have we got for ya this week (excuse the grammar)? To be honest, tons. This week’s show sees us taking a wee little peak at the new Great British rom-com flick: Le Week-End, starring the legend that is Jim Broadbent. Find the trailer below:

What we are also doing is taking a look at the brilliant Peaky Blinders (Review spoiler: We think it is brilliant) that started a couple of weeks back on the BBC, starring Sam Neill and the apparently new hot favourite to play Mr. Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey film: Cillian Murphy (the kinky bastard). Here have another trailer below, watch it naaoooow!!!!!:

And in this week’s feature we’re taking a look at the mecca of wrestling that is WWE Raw. A thing that I hate, but Chris loves. It’s all good, listen to it all now on Sine FM (well that is as long as your listening to it after 11pm that is, so they have time to put it on the catch up service).

So give it all a listen and until next week’s preview, peace out guys, peace out.


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