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Say “hello” to my little friend!

Hello everyone!

My name’s Matt and I welcome you one and all to my first ever entry on this fine blog that we call The Highlight Reel and with it, I am excited to announce that I am the newest member of The Highlight Reel team, as well as the new co-presenter of the weekly Highlight Reel radio show that broadcasts every Monday on Sine FmSo I’m blogging here today to just quickly introduce myself to you all and tell you all to (hopefully) look forward to my posts that I’ll be making on here in the not too distant future, where just like Chris, I’ll strive to bring you all that is weird and wonderful about film, TV and pop culture today.

So thanks for giving my little introductory post a quick peruse and I’ll be back with my first proper blog entry soon.                                      

Thanks guys.

P.S. Have a free smiley face on the house  –  @:-}

(P.P.S. Traditional smileys ain’t how we roll on this blog)


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