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Bells, Banners & Belligerence; On Trying to Speak Out

Not the kind of thing I usually post but trying to spread the word as far as possible. Disgraceful stuff from the FA. No wonder the soul is leaving football.

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Doncaster Belles Banner Confiscated by the FAThat banner in the picture there. I made that. I bought the paints and brushes on Tuesday lunchtime. I painted it (and much of our living room table too) late on Wednesday night. On Thursday I took it to the UEFA Women’s Champions League Final. On Friday I posted it to a group of Belles fans who were planning to attend the FA Women’s Cup Final at Doncaster’s Keepmoat Stadium. On Saturday it reached them up in Doncaster. And on Sunday it was carted off by officials acting on behalf of the Football Association.

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