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The Highlight Reel Preview: 13th May Edition

So this week’s episode of The Highlight Reel is safely recorded in a thankfully gremlin-free week, in which the studio computer mercifully decided to actually work for the full hour, so it’s another stacked show airing on Sine FM on Monday. Here is some stuff that I talk about and that:


  • I review one of the early Oscar front-runners, Mud.


  • I also look at one of the early Oscar not-front-runners, 21 And Over.


  • Not only that, but there’s a special look at the Judge Dredd fan film (which you can watch in its entirety below!) Judge Minty.


  • And, to top it all off, I’m celebrating the end of the football season (that’s soccer if you’re an American, but it’s played with feet and a ball so we like to call it football) with a special feature on the fall and fall of the football movie.

All that, plus the usual mix of news, chat and rock n roll, which this week includes Seasick Steve, Foals and Gogol Bordello. That’s Monday the 13th May, 11pm GMT – go on, give it a go!


NB. Just a small note to finish on, unfortunately I won’t be doing a ‘proper’ blog post this week as this annoying thing called my job is getting in the way, by which I mean my hours at the station have changed slightly. As I’m recording on Wednesdays now instead of Fridays I have to write the show in 4 days as opposed to having a whole week to do it, so that’s getting all my attention right now. Normal service should be resumed next week!


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