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The Pacific Rim Trailer Will Make You Squeal


Hooooolyyyy… so, where do I start with this one? I needed a sit down and a cigarette after watching it, and I don’t even smoke. Yep, it’s the new Pacific Rim trailer, and Guillermo Del Toro’s latest is looking, quite frankly, breathtaking.


GDT has come a long, long way from his roots, telling creepy, atmospheric ghost stories in Mexico. This trailer positions Pacific Rim as THE blockbuster to check out this summer, above all else. Do I need to explain why? Just in case you haven’t watched the trailer (in which case, WHY HAVEN’T YOU WATCHED THE TRAILER?), it’s giant robots fighting giant Cthulhoid creatures from the ocean. After that, there’s really not much to say on this trailer, but what more needs to be said? It doesn’t really show you anything, apart from a few dimly-lit glimpses here and there, but it teases you with just enough to let you know what you’re in store for. That’s the genius of it. It’s as perfect a trailer as you could wish to see. It’s a triumph of show, don’t tell. You see the world in ruins. You see giant monsters. You see robots fighting the giant monsters. There’s the plot. There’s the action. What more could you want?


What’s that? You want to see the robots using giant oil tankers as weapons? Well, for those of you with that horrifyingly specific niche interest… just watch the trailer.


I need to sit down again.


3 responses to “The Pacific Rim Trailer Will Make You Squeal

  1. Visually amazing, hope its a little more substantial (in terms of characters) than something like ‘Battleship’.

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