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Pain And Gain Red Band Trailer


Here’s a little challenge for you: try and name a more Michael Bay trailer than this one. Struggling? No wonder. It’s probably because you can’t. Let’s look at the checklist;

  • Explosions
  • Copious amounts of slow motion
  • Gross out humour
  • Dick jokes
  • Shall we say, an appreciation of the female form
  • The Rock being so scarily huge that beast mode seems somehow inadequate to describe him. It’s safer to say that the beasts go Rock mode, I think
  • A carefully chosen rap song for the soundtrack

It has everything you could want from Michael Bay, all squeezed into 3 minutes of pure filth. All in all, this movie looks like a blast. Assuming Michael Bay can control himself and limit it to 90 minutes in length instead of padding it out with endless comic relief, this knockabout black comedy actioner about a gang of steroid-addled meatheads who plot to kidnap a wealthy businessman (based on a scarcely-believable but true story) could be one of the surprise hits of the year. The story it’s based on is incredible and definitely worth reading, Mark Wahlberg and The Rock seem perfect for their roles, and while Michael Bay often comes in for (justified) criticism about his directorial style, this is one instance where the subject matter seems to fit him perfectly. It’s released in the States on April 26th, and in the UK on April 3rd, so keep a look out for more on this in the not too distant future.


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