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The Highlight Reel Preview: 25th March Edition

Yet another episode of The Highlight Reel is done and dusted. As always, it airs on Monday at Sine FM, and you can listen back to last week’s show at any time at the link. Or, you could just click the listen live button and take in some of the diverse range of shows on offer at any time.

Anyway, on the show this week:

  • There’s a review of BBC 3’s zombie rehab drama, In The Flesh.



  • And there’s a special look into the world of “huge angry venemous [sic] snakes”, “Transmorphers” and much more besides, as I look into the world of the studio known as The Asylum, and the “mockbusters” that it produces.


All that plus a roundup of news from around the entertainment industry, including what Steve Austin is doing with his time, news on the long-awaited Veronica Mars and Alan Partridge movies, and a look at the new crime drama Hannibal. All that and more, set to a not-inconsiderable soundtrack including (but not limited to) Million Dead, Cancer Bats and the Beastie Boys. Keep checking out the blog over the week for a more in-depth look into the world of The Asylum, and tune in on Monday! Or whenever. There’s no pressure.


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