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The Breaking Bad Terrarium

This is pretty damn special: a miniature ecosystem, hand-sculpted to represent Breaking Bad. It’s been made by Rachel over at Face of the Earth, an artist who specialises in creating these beautiful works of art which combine sculpture with natural elements, such as lichen and mushrooms.

Rachel says of the terrarium:

This terrarium is an 11″ tall ecosystem showing a Hand Sculpted and hand painted miniature interpretation of the well known opening sequence of this fantastic TV shows first season. Lining the bottom of this open terrarium are pieces of blue sea glass, closely resembling the blue crystals “Heisenberg” cooks. Alongside the crashed meth lab is the tiniest depiction of Mr. White you may ever see, handmade at about 1/4″ tall, glasses tighty whities and all. The RV is a whopping 1/2″ long, hand sculpted and painted. The desert scene is a slight DIY project, with lichen, a petrified mushroom, stones, a tiny tree and reindeer moss to create a great little sustainable ecosystem that you can keep anywhere in your home or office. With easy care instructions, anyone care care for these tiny worlds, from the most experienced botanist to those with a brown thumb.

The low-maintenance nature of the plants mean this is the perfect terrarium for the discerning Breaking Bad fan who wants to spend $225 on an artwork, but doesn’t want to worry too much about maintaining it. It’s a small niche, admittedly.


2 responses to “The Breaking Bad Terrarium

  1. AMAZING!!! I am in love!

  2. G. Olivo

    Loved the series and this is pretty cool I must say.

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