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The Highlight Reel Preview: 18th March Edition

Well, Monday’s edition of The Highlight Reel is in the bag and recorded. It airs this Monday, the 18th of March on Sine FM, but you can catch up at the link at any time during the week! It’s a pretty good show this week if I do say so myself, with the usual mix of newsy bits and rock and roll, along with a couple of interesting reviews and features.

  • There’s a review of the coolest kids’ show around, Adventure Time.
  • There’s a look at the feelgood comedy series Parks and Recreation, which is finally airing on the BBC after years of success in the States.
  • I review the new Christmas cake movie, Stollen (which may be replaced at the last minute by a review of the new Nic Cage movie, Stolen, but I’m not sure yet).
  • There’s a special feature on the cult ‘worst movie ever made’, Troll 2 and the heartwarming, award-winning documentary about that film, Best Worst Movie.


All that plus how Nic Cage is inspiring a new music craze via Youtube, news on the Evil Dead remake sequel(s) and me attempting to do the Dramatic Trailer Guy voice, with music from The Moving Sidewalks, Johnny Cash, Mastodon and plenty more besides. So why not tune in? I definitely probably guarantee it will measurably improve your life if you listen.


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